Tesa 4688 – Polyethylene Coated Cloth Tape


Product description :

Kovaitapes deals with tesa® 4688 could be a normal grade synthetic resin coated artifact tape. it’s supported a fifty five mesh plain-woven PET/rayon cloth backing coated with a pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive. tesa® 4688 could be a typical repairing tape, convenient for a range of desires with superb handling characteristics.


strong adhesion, even on rough surfaces


easy to unwind

tesa® 4688 is certified by AREVA in keeping with needs of the Siemens atomic number 47 normal TLV 9027/01/06 for nuclear energy station: total group content < one thousand ppm; total sulphur content < one thousand ppm Main applications : Marking, masking, packaging, protecting, fastening, closing Bonding of construction films Closing of cartons, tins, etc. Fixing of wires Bundling of cables junction of films, marking of elements throughout maintenance in nuclear energy plants


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