Tesa 4319 – Crepe Paper Tape



Kovaitapes Deals with tesa® 4319 may be a terribly versatile and conformable masking paper comprised of a high paper backing and a natural rubber adhesive. The versatile masking paper is very helpful for tape recording curves. The high elongation of the crepe backing makes it appropriate particularly for third-dimensional objects. due to the thick adhesive layer, the masking paper holds dependably even on rough surfaces. The sturdy and conformable paper backing of tesa® 4319, makes it appropriate even for additional like applications surface protection wherever a high mechanical resistance is required. With the mixture of high-quality surface protection tape and sound accomplishment, you’ll bring home the bacon optimum operating results. The versatile masking paper saves you corrections that area unit long.

Main applications

1.    tesa® 4319 may be a versatile masking paper, ideal for numerous painting applications, particularly for sinuous masking

2.    The masking paper ensures speedy and reliable masking, even on rough surfaces

Stretching the tape throughout application makes it doable to use it even in curves or third-dimensional objects

The tape is hand-tearable


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