Passion U .V Barrier Insulation Wrap | UV-505



Passion UV-505 may is a u.v barrier insulation wrap is created of U.V material with U.V adhesive on one sides. it’s contains a Low Mass to air magnitude relation, that effectively blocks the actinic radiation rays transfer. The side of the actinic radiation barrier insulation wrap blocks ninety six to ninety nine actinic radiation rays- received by the surface of the insulation space . the position of U V barrier shall be within the manner to supply associate degree air tight protective cover for its effective utilization. ‘UV Barrierinsulation Wrap ‘ is best in its category . flexible, straightforward to fabricate and install, low value and long lasting performance

Features :

  • Duct Insulation
  • Under Deck Insulation
  • Cold Insulation
  • Cold & Hot Water Pipe Insulation
  • Tank Insulation for temperature upto 100 Deg C.


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