Passion Teflon Coated Sheet


PTFE TEFLON COATED materials – Passion Teflon Coated Sheets square measure high performance materials utilized in a large vary of applications. PTFE Teflon coated materials supply a non stick surfaces with wonderful resistance to extremes of temperatures. PTFE Teflon coated materials square measure utilized in a large verity of industries and applications.

Packaging – PTFE adhesive tapes.

Printing – weave mesh cloth.

Textiles – Closed weave and mesh cloth.

UPVC window attachment – Non and self adhesive materials.

Features / advantages

The properties of the PTFE coated materials make sure that the materials square measure a superb alternative to be used with cooling chambers and phase change temperatures moreover as high thermal environments. The PTFE is coated on to either a fiber glass or Kevlar substrate. each substrates supply high levels of temperature resistance but the Kevlar may be helpful in applications wherever strength is needed or wherever steam is gift.



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