Passion – Reinforced Aluminium foil tape

Size: forty eight mm(2 inch) fifty Meter & seventy two mm(3 inch) fifty Meter –Customize sizes out there for the asking

Kovaitapes – Passion Reinforced Aluminium Foil tape with high durability aluminium foil-scrim-Kraft backing, combined with a high performance artificial rubber-resin adhesive


Foil scrim Kraft backing combined with clear high performance rubber resin adhesive, that provides high peel adhesion and powerful holding power

Designed for waterproofing joints and seams of foil jacket facings in air-conditioning duct work (HVAC).

strength tape is required

Wrinkle-free backing

Permanent bond adhesive

Latex and solvent free

Backing that resists tearing

Resists vapour and smoke transmission


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