Passion EPDM single-sided self-adhesive Foam Tape,


Product Description:

This exceptional Black EPDM Foam tape uses a closed cell foam with a superior acrylic adhesive as another to hot soften adhesives. It options a powerful initial adhesion and nice holding power to a range of materials. This foam tape adheres to a broad vary of surfaces, as well as metals, plastics and wood. it’s designed to be utilized in each internal associated external applications wherever an economical technique of moistening vibration is required.


•The RS professional foam tape provides high strength and semipermanent sturdiness through a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

•It could be a value effective replacement to rivets, staples, screws, bolts and liquid adhesives because it bonds quickly.

•Designed to be used on irregular surfaces and isn’t plagued by light-weight|ultraviolet illumination|UV|actinic radiation|actinic ray} light.

Product features:

Foam carrier product of EPDM (ethylene polypropene diene chemical compound rubber) in varied thicknesses

Standard coating with salt adhesive, smart initial and final adhesion

Release liner with polymer coating

Ideal as a protection tape for outside applications; smart resistance to aging, ultraviolet radiation, weather and temperature


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