Passion – EPDM Gasket Tape

Kovaitapes – Passion brand EPDM Gasket Tape based mostly closed cell ,flexible elastomeric foam insulation tape. it's surroundings friendly & free from CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs aldehyde and fibers. AN independent agency – registered antimicrobial agent is incorporated into the merchandise,providing extra protection against mildewflora and microorganism growth.

Passion EPDM is wide employed in the business and industrial markets for its extreme temperature rating, atmospheric condition flexibility,durable skin surface exacting producing tolerances and long lasting performance .Passion is that the most sturdy single sided foam tape in our vary and is good for indoor & outside use.

Application :

Selling HVAC Insulation

Sealing electrical enclosure and switch cupboards

Door enclosure


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