Passion Butyl Roof Sealing Tape


Passion butyl Roof Sealing Tape made with Butyl Rubber compound self-protected with Re- enforced Aluminium foil one side & releasing paper on another side.

  • High adhesion with Glass, Plastic, Wood, Steel, Poly carbonate, Fiber glass, Textile and concrete.
  • Primer not required & Water proof.
  • Cold Applied and holds good adhesive even at low temperature.
  • Higher Heat stability.
  • No flowing under heat and No Oil Migration.
  • Resistance to ageing and UV Rays
  • Solvents free.

Waterproofing, Sealing and Jointing materials such as Glass, Steel, Polycarbonate, Wood, Aluminium, PVC, Industrial Roofing, Automobile, Pipes, Cable, Refrigeration and many other domestic applications.
Compatible Surfaces:
Passion Butyl Roof Sealing Tape compatible with most building materials, metals and flexible or hard plastics.


  • No Special tools are required to install this tape.
  • Make your surface clean, dry, smooth and dust free
  • Choose your suitable size
  • Unroll the Tape until the desired length is reached.
  • Remove the silicone release paper/film that covers the adhesive part of the tape and position the tape.
  • Press with a roller or a cloth pad.



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