Lohmann Mirror BondingTape

A classic in mirror mounting applications. World class product  introduced first in 1980s across the globe. As being held in place by an invisible hand – Mirrors in all shapes and sizes. A product successfully used for over 32 years.


• Can be used both for interior and exterior applications

• Maximum resistance to ageing, UV-radiation, weathering and plasticizers

• Does not turn yellow and keeps a permanent elasticity

• High initial adhesion(tack) offer a reliable bond immediately after application, and very high final bonding.

• Absorbs vibration and compensates for different expansion coefficients of the substrates

• Recommended by leading glass and mirror manufacturers.

• Conforms to wide variety of mirror paints.

• Temp range from – 40 deg to + 95 deg.

Available Sizes

12mm and 24mm in widths and 5M in length.



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