Double Sided Red polyester Tape



Passion Brand Acrylic Adhesive Clear Double Sided Tape Heat Resistant Double-sided Clear tape 50 Mtrs Length Roll For util Usage in Mobile , physical science , Industrial and Domestic Fields solely in Passion Tapes
This clear double-side tape could be a double-coated film, consisting of Associate in Nursing acrylic adhesive with extraordinarily high adhesion power and high instant tack, coated on a clear polyester carrier.

Available from 3mm to 330mm customized size also available.

lightweight and wet resistant. for good bonds plastics and metals. Replaces epoxies and alternative adhesives. Tape area unit on the market in four mil and thirty two mil thickness.

Clean, dry surface is needed for max bond strength. Tape bonds instantly with full bond strength reached in twenty four hours.
Based on PET substrate, two-sided uniform coating elastic body pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-based pressure sensitive adhesives, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, The rolls or sheets of tape is created on a PET substrate.from the substrate, adhesives, isolation paper (film) elements


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