Tesa Cellophane Tape

Kovaitapes deals with tesa® 2300 PV1 plastic wrap Tape tesa® 2300 PV1 plastic wrap tape could be a clear clear tape with polyose film and natural rubber adhesive. The tape comes off while not departure any adhesive residue. plastic wrap tape may be torn by hand and is convenient to use while not a dispenser.


Main Application:

 ▪ Packaging ▪ Covering and masking ▪ Film splice ▪ Temporary holding of laminates ▪ Holding of yarn in loom loom film attachment

Technical Data:

 ▪ Backing material plastic wrap ▪ Total thickness fifty µm ▪ form of adhesive natural rubber ▪ Adhesion to steel two N/cm ▪ Elongation at break ten nada ▪ strength twenty four N/cm



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