3M™ Sheet Label Material 7903


3M™ Sheet Label Material 7903 is a durable, high performance material that offers excellent thermal stability, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. This material utilizes 3M™ Adhesive 350, which is designed to permanently bond to high and low surface energy plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, powder coatings, and slightly oily metals.

When labels come in contact with harsh chemicals, high temperatures, or otherwise rough conditions, we offer a variety of 3M™ Sheet and Screen Label Materials to meet the demands of the job. The overlaminate delivers excellent dimensional stability and optimal clarity while improving moisture, tear, cracking and abrasion resistance.


  • Extended life outdoor label applications
  • Nameplates and product ID labels
  • Rating plates
  • Property identification and asset labeling
  • Caution, warning, instruction, and service labels for durable goods, equipment/machinery including lawn and garden


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