3M Scotch Transparent Film Tape 600


Product Description :

Scotch® Tape 600 is a transparent film tape that is excellent for various
packaging applications. It has a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system
which is long aging and highly transparent. The combination of this
adhesive and therefore the backer gives this tape excellent stain and sunlight
resistance, making it an excellent choice for use on fabrics. Scotch® Tape
600 is also recommended for gift-wrapping, combining, attaching, light
duty carton sealing and other miscellaneous uses.

Product Features :

• Easy-release treated.
• Meets CID A-A-113 Type 1 Class D.
• Moisture and chemical resistant.
• Roll stability.
• Long aging.
• Controlled, smooth unwind.
• Unaected by changing atmospheric conditions and resistant to many acids, alkalies and solvents.
• Has good edge tear and breakage resistance.
• Easy to read through.
• Excellent holding and good dispensing properties.
• Does not yellow on fabrics.


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