3M™ Double Coated PE Foam Tape A5011


3M™ double coated polyethylene foam tape A5011 combines a conformable closed cell foam with high strength acrylic adhesive that provide excellent initial tack and offer good ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including metals, painted metals, plastics, wood, veneer, glass. It also has a good shear property that provides long term holding power even at moderate elevated temperature and environment conditions.

  • Double-coated high strength acrylic adhesive PE foam tape
  • Modified acrylic adhesive system provides long term durability
  • Excellent initial adhesion and high ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Good structural polyethylene foam strength to withstand heavy loading and harsh peeling
  • Conformable tape bonds to irregular surfaces
  • Polycoated glassine liner, excellent in stability and convertibility


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