3M™ Avagard Handrub


Kovaitapes deals with Personal Hygine products in 3M™ Avagard Handrub keep hands clean and germ-free. It contains alcohol, moisturizer and emollients that effectively kill germs. The handrub instantly eliminates harmful microbes and may be applied over the complete area of your hands. 3M™ Avagard Handrub additionally contains high-quality moisturizer that stops drying and protects the skin from harm.

3M™ Avagard Handrub 500ml @ Rs.300/- + GST extra

Contains moisturizer and emollients that forestall skin xerotes and irritation even once continual usage

Features a novel dispensing mechanism and dual-use stands
Instantly disinfects the skin
Provides continuous protection for extended amount
Enriched with high-quality moisturizer to stop skin xerotes or any harm
Features a novel dispensing mechanism and dual-use stands
Multi-use wall mount/bedside stands for 500mL


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